Typefocus updated to v8.1

Posted On Oct-26


Minor bugfixes, and feature changes.
Display tweaked for phone and tablet screens.
Github Link @ here

Changes in version 8.1

  • Typography changes: Removed DancingScript. Included  other open-source fonts for enhanced readability.Licenses are packaged in. Updated existing fonts to latest versions.
  • Updated to latest underscores. Removed some more junk from underscores. Cleaner code.
  • Added more customizations. Theme hooks updated. Several color-schemes added.
  • Faster loading (minified further).
  • Added option to scroll left-sidebar along with text


Underscores, Fontawesome, and Typefocus are all released under GPL. So anything you make from it too, should carry a copy of GPL, and remain free. I like free…