Posted On Jan-17

Superfast parallel snmpbulkwalk

Fastsnmpy is a module that leverages python-extensions that come with net-snmp and provide highly parallelized faster-methods to walk oid-trees on devices.

In addition, it provides a method to bulkwalk mib-trees..

BulkWalk methods are missing from native python-bindings for net-snmp. By creating a wrapper around the GetBulk method instead, and maintaining state while traversing the oid-tree, fastsnmpy provides a clever solution to bulkwalk oids much faster

FastSNMPy provides the following:

  • snmpwalk(): Native python-bindings distributed with net-snmp, combined with fastsnmpy’s ability to parallelize snmpwalk operations.
  • snmpbulkwalk(): Ability to snmpbulkwalk devices, which makes it several magnitudes faster than net-snmp’s implementation of snmpwalk.
    • By leveraging the getbulk method, this module provides a quick snmpbulkwalk utility.
  • PROCESS-POOLS: By passing in a ‘workers=n’ attribute to the above methods, fastsnmpy can instantiate a process-pool to parallelize the snmpwalk and snmpbulkwalk methods, resulting in several devices being walked at the same time, effectively using all cores on a multicore machine.
  • One-Line, and Two-Line scripts that enable you to discover/walk all devices in a whole datacenter

Quick example – Running in interactive mode

Python 2.7.10 (default)

  >> import netsnmp
  >> from fastsnmpy import SnmpSession
  >> hosts =['c7200-2','c7200-1','c2600-1','c2600-2']
  >> oids = ['ifDescr', 'ifIndex', 'ifName', 'ifDescr']
  >> newsession = SnmpSession ( targets = hosts, oidlist = oids, community='oznet' )
  >> results = newsession.snmpbulkwalk(workers=15)
  >> len(results)

Note: To use the module in scripts, please see the included with the package.


(1) Walking 30 nodes for ifDescr using snmpwalk():

time ./
real    0m18.63s
user    0m1.07s
sys     0m0.38s

(2) Walking 30 nodes for ifDescr using snmpbulkwalk():

time ./
real    0m9.17s
user    0m0.48s
sys     0m0.11s

(3) Walking 30 nodes for ifDescr using snmpwalk(workers=10):

time ./
real    0m2.27s
user    0m2.87s
sys     0m0.66s

(4) Walking 30 nodes for ifDescr using snmpbulkwalk(workers=10):

time ./
real    0m0.90s
user    0m2.44s
sys     0m0.40s

As you can see, fastsnmpy’s bulkwalk mode is almost 20 times faster than using python’s native snmp bindings for walking

Latest-version: Fastsnmpy2-1.2.1

  Download Here

Get from Git

Or fork from the git-repo GitHub-FastSNMPy

Ajay Divakaran

Spot the difference

Posted On Feb-21

The difference between the two following pieces of code are pretty evident, or are they?Except for the fact that one was almost 60 times faster than the other, over 100,000 iterations.

Figuring out the part that was slowing my co-routine wasn’t easy… Three red-bulls later….

if “key” in d.keys():
    print “Found pattern”
    print “No match”
    print “Found pattern”
    print “No match”