ajay divakaran


I’m Ajay – a Network Architect from New York City, with over 10 years of expertise in large-scale automation of Enterprise Networks.

Over a decade ago, armed with a Masters in Electrical Engineering, I started my career in the field of Network Automation & Architecture… and never looked back. I began automating enterprise Networks before SDN was a thing (really!) .

If you ask me to describe my role with a single phrase, I’d say “Network Automator”. I think that’s a real word.

About this Blog

This Blog , originally hosted in jekyll, has since moved to vanilla wordpress. Why? … I was tired of not having a computer and github in front of me when I had the inspiration to write. Along with the inefficiency and insecurity of php, it DID provide me the ability to pen down thoughts from my mobile phone. So its a choice I made.

The blog is running on an EC2 instance (thanks amazon!) behind nginx, powered by a wordpress theme that I open-sourced about a year ago.

This blog is an attempt to give back to the internet some of what I learnt from it. That, along with providing help-pages for my open-source projects. The hardest part of maintaining a blog, is usually to be consistent in writing posts.