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Superfast parallel snmpbulkwalk

Fastsnmpy is a module that leverages python-extensions that come with net-snmp and provide highly parallelized faster-methods to walk oid-trees on devices.

In addition, it provides a method to bulkwalk mib-trees..

BulkWalk methods are missing from native python-bindings for net-snmp. By creating a wrapper around the GetBulk method instead, and maintaining state while traversing the oid-tree, fastsnmpy provides a clever solution to bulkwalk oids much faster

FastSNMPy provides the following:

  • snmpwalk(): Native python-bindings distributed with net-snmp, combined with fastsnmpy’s ability to parallelize snmpwalk operations.
  • snmpbulkwalk(): Ability to snmpbulkwalk devices, which makes it several magnitudes faster than net-snmp’s implementation of snmpwalk.
    • By leveraging the getbulk method, this module provides a quick snmpbulkwalk utility.
  • PROCESS-POOLS: By passing in a ‘workers=n’ attribute to the above methods, fastsnmpy can instantiate a process-pool to parallelize the snmpwalk and snmpbulkwalk methods, resulting in several devices being walked at the same time, effectively using all cores on a multicore machine.
  • One-Line, and Two-Line scripts that enable you to discover/walk all devices in a whole datacenter

Quick example – Running in interactive mode

Python 2.7.10 (default)

  >> import netsnmp
  >> from fastsnmpy import SnmpSession
  >> hosts =['c7200-2','c7200-1','c2600-1','c2600-2']
  >> oids = ['ifDescr', 'ifIndex', 'ifName', 'ifDescr']
  >> newsession = SnmpSession ( targets = hosts, oidlist = oids, community='oznet' )
  >> results = newsession.snmpbulkwalk(workers=15)
  >> len(results)

Note: To use the module in scripts, please see the included with the package.


(1) Walking 30 nodes for ifDescr using snmpwalk():

time ./
real    0m18.63s
user    0m1.07s
sys     0m0.38s

(2) Walking 30 nodes for ifDescr using snmpbulkwalk():

time ./
real    0m9.17s
user    0m0.48s
sys     0m0.11s

(3) Walking 30 nodes for ifDescr using snmpwalk(workers=10):

time ./
real    0m2.27s
user    0m2.87s
sys     0m0.66s

(4) Walking 30 nodes for ifDescr using snmpbulkwalk(workers=10):

time ./
real    0m0.90s
user    0m2.44s
sys     0m0.40s

As you can see, fastsnmpy’s bulkwalk mode is almost 20 times faster than using python’s native snmp bindings for walking

Latest-version: Fastsnmpy2-1.2.1

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