So I’ve decided to work on my CCIE (again!)

Posted On Nov-04

Being that this is the year of SDN, and very few people can refrain from tossing in some kind of SDN related acronym at every meeting, I decided to take a break from the SDN chit-chat and delve into pure networking for a bit (if thats even possible.)
Perhaps I’ll go for a certification, or two.


Mrs Kaplan, across the hallway

Posted On Aug-16

rolled over in my bed, as I heard my phone buzz. Half asleep, and with a terrible hangover, I picked up my phone. It was a text message from my best friend Tammy… “Hello Luv, I’m running a bit late, will be there by 11.30″. Inebriated from all the alcohol inside me from the previous […]


Caroline and Me

Posted On Jul-27

It was just another sunday evening. I was at the pool, doing my laps as usual. Now, on sunday afternoons, my gym combines 3 out of their 4 lanes into a family swim area…the remaining 1 lane is available for lap swimmers. I usually make it a point to go for a swim during this […]