Ajay Divakaran

nginx upstream timeout and php5-fpm

Posted On Mar-02

Ever since I’d moved my hosting from vanilla EC2 to docker, I’d been getting plagued by timeouts between NGINX and php-fpm. At first, the issue appeared to be on the fpm side, as these NGINX error-logs showed.


Network Automation and Endian

Posted On Feb-01

These days, however, my first few interview questions are usually about Automation, and conceptualization of a Network as a data model. After all, Routing protocols are just software implementation of some algorithm on steroids.



Posted On Jan-17

BulkWalk methods are missing from native python-bindings for net-snmp. By creating a wrapper around the GetBulk method instead, and maintaining state while traversing the oid-tree, fastsnmpy provides a clever solution